Coca-Cola Company Annual Report Design

coke-mailer-1 coke-mailer-2 coke-mailer-3 coke-mailer-4 coke-mailer-5 coke-mailer-6 coke-mailer-7 This was a class assignment to create¬†a self-mailing condensed annual report design for a large company. Being a big fan of Coca Cola and their branding looks, I chose to simulate their look and feel. Our primary goals were to create a well designed piece that conveys adequate information while complying with the US Postal Service’s self mailing regulations. My design was also intended to be cheap and easy to mass produce and mail, which is why I went with a simple die-cut top and barrel fold. I am by no means implying that I am affiliated with or own and of the Coca-Cola Company’s brand imagery.